A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Fuzzy Head

Last night was a ‘fuzzy head’ night. I know I am not alone because many of you have written to tell me things like ‘my head is all over the place’, ‘I had a restless night’, ‘I’ve had a severe headache’, ‘I need some head space’.

I hear you. Me too!

In fact, last night my head was so heavy and fuzzy and FULL there was nothing left to do but wrap it up in a bandage and lay it down. I put my feet up and lay my head down and lay my eye bag on top of that, and after this photo was taken I put some blankets on my head too.

HeadWrap (1)

There’s a bit of an art to the head wrapping technique we use in restorative yoga so I’ve decided to show you on a live class. I’m going to offer another Sunday evening session and this weekend the theme will be Simple Restorative Yoga, using props from around your home.  I hope you will be able to join me (8pm Sunday evening – GMT).

If you happen to have a stretchy elastic bandage that would be great, but if not a light scarf will do the trick. Watch out for details later today or by tomorrow latest.

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