A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Safety Match

Artists Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre created the animation Safety Match to demonstrate the power of social distancing in halting the spread of the corona virus.

Safety Match

I think it also shows that when we step aside to look at our anger, our fear, our sadness, or our frustration (the stuff that burns us up inside), we may also reduce the risk of passing that on to others too, or taking it out on them.

It might feel hard to do, but when we step out, or sit down, or lie down on our yoga mats, everybody benefits.

Meanwhile, restorative yoga on the kitchen floor is really taking off in my house. I like it because there is underfloor heating, but also because there is a timer on the oven!

Doesn’t matter where you do it, just do it!

2 thoughts on “Safety Match”

  1. Living with Corona times here in Germany is certainly different than for you in the UK. But our physical distancing has the same effects; Thank you for sharing many lovely thoughts and words.


    1. Hi Karen, thanks for your message. Another comment I received (not on this website) suggest we use the terms “physical distancing” and “social solidarity”. I hope we may all show solidarity with our ‘neighbours’ around the world!


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