A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Permission to Stop

I looked out at the world, and felt overwhelmed and confused.

So I looked within, and a quiet voice said “I’m tired”.

I felt Mother Earth at my back, and she asked me to stop.

Personally, right now, I am feeling run down and a little overwhelmed. Apparently the corona virus will come our way, slowly but surely (or maybe even quickly) – and when it does I want to be in my best health so it affects me as little as possible.

Aside from the obvious advantages of minimising my own suffering, if I can keep myself away from needing medical attention I will be helping everyone. If I can stay well I can support others. I see more clearly than ever before that self-care is not self-ish.

There are many simple things we can all DO for our good health – eat well, drink plenty, go to bed early, get fresh air, take vitamins, play music, exercise – you know all this.

I am here to remind you also just to BE.

I’m going to be doing this every day for the forseeable future – reminding you to ‘just be’ – because A Space to Be has never just been about our little yoga studio – it’s about the space inside you where you feel at ease, where you feel aligned with your own inner wisdom and your felt sense of who you really are.

So, each day you can expect one or more of the following things popping up in your inbox or newsfeed from me:

  • a picture of me or Henry doing our twenty minutes of relaxation (and please feel welcome to share yours)
  • instructional text / video / audio
  • a poem, story or quotation

Please do not underestimate the magic of twenty minutes spent doing nothing at all. It’s simple. It’s free. It’s enjoyable. It’s pretty radical in this day and age – and yet here we all are asked to lay down our non-essential work, hobbies, activities and responsibilities and, for the good of all, retreat.

This is how I see it – we are all going on retreat, separately, but together.

You never really needed it, but yes, you have permission to stop.


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