A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Blast Off!

One day I walked into my sitting room and found Henry and the children all lying with their feet up having a very calm and quiet moment.

“Wow!” I said, “You’re doing restorative yoga!”

“No Mummy.
We are in a rocket, preparing for take-off.
This is the launch position.
Astronauts have to be in this position when a rocket launches so their spines do not break.”

This, I felt, was good factual information, and makes perfect sense – even outside of rocket travel, lying in this position can also protect the spine from pressures and forces.

In other astronaut-related spinal facts, apparently an astronaut can grow by up to 5cm in space due to the decompression of the spine while not under the pressure of gravity. 

For the same reason, yogis like to go upside-down – more on that later!

Maybe today you could partake in some space travel!


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