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Breathing Space

For the last five weeks I have been writing (almost) daily posts on the subject of rest and stillness. These are mainly little messages to myself – reminders to pause, permission to stop. I am glad they have been helpful to other people too. Knowing you are all out there reading has kept me on track with my own practice – I haven’t missed a day – and I have been massively reaping the benefits from the discipline of being still when I feel the definite urge run around like the proverbial chicken…

I simply do not know when it will be possible again to offer small cosy yoga classes, massage sessions and retreats.  Writing these emails has kept my brain working and given me a sense of purpose when suddenly all the things I usually do are not possible anymore. However, even I am getting bored of me, so… from today we are going weekly.

I haven’t 100% settled on a day but I think it will be Friday – so I can give you 48 hours notice of the theme for my Sunday night classes online. It is so nice to have the opportunity to see some of you ‘live’ in those sessions. I find I am really looking forward to them.

I think a weekly format will keep the quality of my offerings a lot higher and hopefully I will be able to include some new video and audio resources each week too. I have included below lots of useful links to what is available already.

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So happy to be separate-together with you.

Separate Together Archive & Links



Audio: https://soundcloud.com/aspacetobe/

Yoga Nidra:https://www.yoganidranetwork.org/users/lucy-maresh

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Instagram:@lucymaresh / @aspacetobeyogaretreat / @mothernurturenorthumberland


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