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Self Care Salutations to the Sun

Yoga is informed by a model of vitality in which our energy flows through two main channels (connected to the nostrils) right for sun and left for moon.

A sun salutation is a simple sequence that can be performed on a daily basis to bring balance to that energy as well as warm up the physical body.

I enjoy variations that move our attention between right and left sides of the body, and then back to the central axis.

It needn’t be too challenging for a daily practice – better to find a variation you can perform with ease so you can allow the body and breath to flow together in a moving meditation.

As one variation becomes familiar you can always move on to another. If it is easy to perform without your full attention, the meditative quality may be lost. However, it is possible to perform the same sequence many times over with an attitude of deep care and tenderness towards yourself.

(It is also possible to give yourself repetitive strain injuries so the self-care attitude is actually quite important!)

Sometimes we go to our mats for a challenge, other days for a refuge. Having a well known, well loved variation of sun salutation to return to is a blessing on days when life is already challenging.

There are many variations of the sun salutation. Here is just one I have found helpful and is accessible to many of my students.

I’m teaching this and other variations in my Sunday evening zoom class this month.

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