A Space to Be, Being in the Cycles

The Inner Seasons

Have you ever considered your own internal weather? I suspect there have been days you felt your disposition was sunny and bright, and other days you have been heavy with dark clouds and ready to explode with thunder and lightning – I am sure that can’t be just me!

I woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow here in Shilbottle. It was a fantastic reminder of our famously unpredictable weather – a little flurry of Winter in the middle of an otherwise blossoming Spring.

In my next online workshop I will sharing a model of the ‘inner seasons’.

  • The Inner Spring
    Stirrings of energy, hopefulness and positivity – a time to move, stretch and grow.
  • The Inner Summer
    Full of energy, very sociable, physically well and emotionally secure – a time to challenge ourselves and ‘bloom’.
  • The Inner Autumn
    Reflection and reappraisal – we may feel self critical or doubtful – a time for self care and kindness.
  • The Inner Winter
    Fatigue, pain, introversion or grief – a time for rest and cosiness.

These inner seasons can be mapped around our menstrual cycles or phases of the moon. They may also correspond to our creative cycle, or our whole life cycle. Indeed, once we start to really pay attention we may notice they often arise with a certain amount of routine and predictability (whatever our sex or gender).

However, as my outer world reminded me today, it is also possible to have a completely unexpected ‘wintery’ day right in the middle of Spring (or vice versa)!

Since our inner weather is always changing, our yoga practice should change too. Just like you change your clothes to suit the weather outside, changing or modifying our yoga practice to suit our internal weather is perfectly common sense.

Practicing in this way becomes a daily discipline of listening in and responding kindly to ourselves, rather than a daily discipline of the same set series of exercises or breathing techniques.

I invite you to join me next Sunday evening for a practice designed to be changed and tweaked. Rather than tell you exactly what to do, I shall making suggestions – and you shall do what you please!

I have found this style of teaching works very well via zoom, where we can practice together but also on our own – without the pressure to conform to the group or temptation to peek at the person on the next mat.

Being in the Cycles – Blossoming Where We Are

Sunday 18 April 7.30-9.00pm, via zoom, honesty box payments

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

Zen saying

Shortly before the full moon fire festival of Bealtaine, at a time of abundant blossom and the beginnings of Summer we will explore ‘blossoming’ within ourselves and in our own individual ways.

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