A Space to Be

Simple Yoga for Freedom

For me, freedom arises from an unshakable connection to the space inside me where I feel most connected to my felt sense of what is right and true.

Today I am sharing a simple yoga practice, which I hope might help us arrive at this place.

In this practice, we first explore the breath while lying down (or could be seated).

We then work systematically through all of our joints, from the toes upwards, moving with awareness and in harmony with our breathing.

In a long relaxation we are invited to feel the physical body come alive in our awareness, and connect with our own felt sense of centre.

We end with a heart-warming seated breathing practice.

To try my freedom practice you will need a cushion, blanket and block (or book) and about 90 minutes to turn your attention inward. If for any reason you are unable to lie down on your back you could begin the class seated and enjoy the long relaxation lying on your side.

Lucy x