A Space to Be, Being in the Cycles

Imbolc / Yama

Imbolc is a wonderful time to consider the first of Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga – Yama – as this guidance is all about our relationships.

As we move through the gate out of winter hibernation to be more ‘in the world’, we can perhaps bring more awareness or consciousness to how we treat ourselves and others.

I have provided below the literal translations of the five yama or ‘restrants’, along with some modern day affirmations of my own that may help us to integrate them on our mats and in our lives. 

“ahiṃsā-satya-asteya-brahmacarya-aparigrahāḥ yamāḥ”
Yoga Sutra 2:30

Ahiṃsā – literally, non-harming or non-violence. 
I am at ease and cause no harm to myself or others.

Satya – literally, truthfulness
I am aligned with and able to express my own truth.

Asteya -literally, not stealing
I use resources wisely, and do not take more than I need.
I am enough. 

Brahmacarya – literally, celibacy, conserving energy (sexual and otherwise).
I can say ‘no’, and not give more than I have.

Aparigrahāḥ – literally, not grasping
I can let go, and allow life to find me.

Being in the Cycles – As we journey through the eight festivals this year we will also encounter each of the eight limbs of yoga like a series of gates we will pass through on our path.