A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Keep On Stopping (ahimsa)

Lockdown in England is starting to ease. There are so many things to consider both at a personal level and for my business. I feel agitation arising within me.  How this manifests for me is a fluttery feeling in my chest, tension in my head, tiredness in my eyes, loss of appetite, withdrawing from my family,… Continue reading Keep On Stopping (ahimsa)

A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Going In and Out

You may be surprised to see just how many bolsters we actually have here at our disposal. Well, they have all been acquired so that I might create very cosy, inviting and supported spaces for the practice of yoga.  At my restorative yoga workshops I like to provide all participants with two bolsters and plenty… Continue reading Going In and Out

A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Planting Your Spring Garden

For the Garden of Your Daily LivingPlant three rows of PEAS:1. Peace of mind2. Peace of heart3. Peace of soulPlant four rows of SQUASH:1. Squash gossip2. Squash indifference3. Squash grumbling4. Squash selfishnessPlant four rows of LETTUCE:1. Lettuce be faithful2. Lettuce be kind3. Lettuce be patient4. Lettuce really love one anotherNo garden is without TURNIPS:1. Turnip… Continue reading Planting Your Spring Garden

A Space to Be, Inspirations & Quotations, Separate Together Retreat

You Are Complete

"Polish the mirror until you can seeYourself with soft eyes, compassionatelyStep through the doorway, you hold the keyPierce the veil of illusionYou are complete." - Luc Acke These beautiful words are from my friend and fellow yoga teacher Luc Acke in Belgium. They are not just poetic words but also the lyrics to a song… Continue reading You Are Complete