A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Going In and Out

You may be surprised to see just how many bolsters we actually have here at our disposal. Well, they have all been acquired so that I might create very cosy, inviting and supported spaces for the practice of yoga.  At my restorative yoga workshops I like to provide all participants with two bolsters and plenty of blankets. It feels important to me for there to be an abundance.

This is not because I believe there should be no challenge in yoga, and no confrontation. Indeed the whole practice of yoga relies on a little bit of discomfort, of finding our edges or boundaries and daring to push beyond them. We need to be willing to leave our comfort zone and to travel ‘against the grain’. This applies at all levels of our being – body, breath, mind, heart and soul.

The other side of this coin though is to be able to return each and every moment to a feeling of deep ease and belonging – a deep sense of comfort within ourselves.  A quietness. A stillness. Integration at every level of our being.

To leave our comfort zone, we have to start from within it.

But what if we can’t remember what comfort or safety actually feels like – or what if we never knew? How can we return to that deep feeling of ease, each day, or each moment, if we are not sure what it feels like?  Perhaps for some of us this is in fact, the more ‘challenging’ practice. 

So having a cosy, welcoming space is a good start – a place to exhale, a feeling of safety. In fact we now understand from neuroscience that we are each driven by a ‘quest for safety’ and also a deep longing to connect with other people (look up ‘polyvagal theory’). 

No wonder this strange and drawn out time of potential danger and social isolation is so draining and inherently stressful. It is completely at odds with our instincts and the needs of our nervous systems.

When we first began to ‘Stay At Home’ in the UK, and I started writing these posts, I suggested everyone make a nest at home and join me in committing to a daily practice of rest and stillness.

This is your friendly reminder to find your safe space, return to your comfort zone, drop into stillness and be completely at ease. 

Strangely enough, at least this is what I have found, the more deeply we can go WITHIN, the easier it becomes to go out. 

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