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Pregnancy Yoga 4 – Palm Tree Sequence

The “Palm Tree” sequence is a lovely, easy stretch for your upper body. The idea is to lift your ribs up and away from your hips, thus creating a little extra space for your breath and for your baby. If you are suffering from heart-burn this may provide some relief and if you are working… Continue reading Pregnancy Yoga 4 – Palm Tree Sequence

Mother Nurture, Postnatal

Postnatal Yoga Part 2 – Stability

Stability (noun): the state or quality of being stable / firmness in position. This is an image of my favourite baby toy - it perfectly represents the subtle balance of alignment, strength and tone required to keep a body in good shape. If one of the elastic bands (muscles and ligaments) gets too tight or… Continue reading Postnatal Yoga Part 2 – Stability