A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Sad and Beautiful, Bitter Sweet

“Never in the history of ‘Calm Down’ did anybody calm down from being told to calm down”

This morning I want to check that no-one is interpreting my suggestion to ‘lie down’ as an instruction to ‘calm down’.

Even at the best of times, when I lie down for my daily practice of rest, I notice that I am not calm at all. I become aware of agitation, of fear, of sadness, of frustration, of many racing thoughts. Right now I am feeling all these things.

There is also hope however, and a little bit of excitement, and even joy! Mother Earth is healing!

My practice of stillness creates a space for me to really feel all of these things, and let them bubble up to the surface. Especially if you have children you are ‘keeping calm’ on the outside for, I believe this is really important.

The practice for me is not about being ‘calm’, but making myself into a bigger container in which to hold all these different and often conflicting thoughts and feelings. I can then move away from
“ARGH I feel so agitated”
“When I stop, I notice a lot of agitation”

This separation of ‘I’ from whatever is arising in me, creates freedom. And that is what yoga practice is.

Anja wrote to me from Ljubljana, Slovenia where they are in total lockdown, that “Mother Nature will go on… sad and beautiful at the same time”

Today I have not sent you a guided relaxation for your twenty minutes rest. I have shared with you below some music which I think captures the ‘bitter sweet’ nature of life – Pachelbel’s Canon somehow can move me to both beauty and sadness.

If you listen three times on repeat that’s your twenty minutes – or just listen once then allow some silence in which you can ‘just be’. I had a little cry when I did this.

image (1)


Lucy G’s sumptious “red velvet rest womb” – looks so cosy!

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