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Stay Where You Are

When I was very little girl, I think five years old, I once got lost in a large department store. Apparently, on losing sight of my Mum I did the obvious thing for someone within a five year old brain – and got in the nearest lift!

I had rapidly gone from ‘slightly lost’ (Mum was probably around the next clothes rail) to actually, properly lost in a seven storey shopping centre. Oops!

Luckily the staff in these places are very well trained for such an emergency and we were fairly rapidly reunited, but its a memory that I often reflect on – and no doubt goes some way in explaining my loathing of this type of shop.

I presume it was my Mum who gave me the following advice: “if you are lost, just stay where you are”. When you stay where you are, its easier for your Mum to find you!

Twenty two years later, lost in the confusion of having my first baby, my yoga teachers told me the same – just stop, don’t try to lose weight/get fit/do a headstand, just stop and rest and take your time – all those things will find you (and they did).

And last month, I must confess I was completely LOST in the confusion of having to close our business pretty much overnight. I followed the same advice and I stopped. I have stopped for twenty minutes (sometimes more) each and every day since then.

The answers are starting to find me.

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