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Pregnancy Yoga 11 – Golden Thread Breathing

This is a relaxing breathing technique that can be used for general relaxation and coping with insomnia as well as preparing for labour. The intention is to gradually lengthen your exhalation. This sends a signal to the whole body to relax. During labour, this will help the body to produce and release the hormones necessary to activate the process and the endorphins that provide your natural pain relief.

This is best practised in one of the relaxation poses, or can be done at night to help you get to sleep.

  • Start by yawning or sighing to connect with your breathing
  • Begin to direct your exhalation out through your mouth
  • Have your lips softly parted so that there is only the tiniest gap through which the breath can leave the body
  • There is no need to ‘blow’ the breath out between the lips, simply watch the breath seep away, like you are a tyre or balloon with a puncture!
  • Visualise the breath coming out from between the lips as being like a golden thread.
  • Each time the exhale leaves the body you spin ever more of this beautiful thread/cord/rope
  • You can see this golden thread piling up before your eyes, or being woven into a beautiful fabric – it is your golden thread and you can let your imagination be free!
  • If you prefer a ribbon, rope or cord (of any colour) go for it – it’s yours!
  • Your golden thread could also become a path or a road to follow. You can’t get lost – just follow the breath!

Pregnancy Yoga 101 Number 11 Golden Thread Breathing Reclined

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