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Solstice Stillness

The Winter Solstice is the point at which the the sun travels the shortest path through the sky resulting in the day of the year with the least sunlight and therefore, the longest night.

In English, the world solstice comes from the Latin word solstitium, meaning “sun standing still”. As the sun reaches its most extreme point, we experience here on Earth and apparent pause in its movement, before the direction of travel is reversed and our days begin to lengthen again.

We are hosting two end of year events, presenting the opportunity for our midwinter pause. Both events are free to register and attend – all are welcome.

If you are in a position to contribute something, we are collecting donations to support refugees in Calais. All contributions made via our online honesty box this month will be passed on directly to Care4Calais to provide warm coats and shoes for people who may well be encountering their first northern winter.

Sunday 19 December – Being in the Cycles – Solstice Stillness

7.30-9.00pm Online via Zoom
Restorative yoga, nidra and meditation. Please register to receive the link to join live and a notification once the recording is available.
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Tuesday 21 December – Solstice Sunrise Labyrinth Walk

8.15-9.15am, at the beach
Wrap up warm and join us to watch the sunrise and walk in the labyrinth.
Please register for location details further instructions
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According to Care4Calais, there are 2,000 refugees sleeping rough in Northern France. Most arrive with just the clothes on their backs and are not equipped for winter.

Their website states:

“The majority of refugees we meet come from Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrean, Iraq, Iran and Syria. The Global Peace Index lists the 28 most dangerous countries in the world and all of these are included – indeed, Afghanistan is ranked as number one, Syria as two, Iraq as three and South Sudan as number four; these people are fleeing the worst and most dangerous countries on this planet.

Refugees are not illegal immigrants. Refugees are people fleeing conflict or persecution; it is too dangerous for them to return home, and they need sanctuary elsewhere. If these people don’t get asylum there are potentially deadly consequences.”

Please join me in supporting people who really need our help this winter.

Contribute to Care4Calais