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Being in the Cycles

In the middle of the winter, when a tree looks dead, it's not. It is actually still growing. Every 28 days, the moon completely disappears from view and appears to be gone, but it is not. At the end of the exhalation, there is a pause, and out of that pause grows an inhalation. I… Continue reading Being in the Cycles

Separate Together Retreat

Mother Earth Has Got Your Back

Today is Mother's Day in the UK so I have been reflecting different aspects of the role of 'mother'. For 'mothering' is not just something done by women with children, but (in my opinion) something much broader.  To a certain extent I believe we are all mothers some of the time (yep, men too). And… Continue reading Mother Earth Has Got Your Back

Separate Together Retreat

Labyrinth Meditation

The unicursal (one path) labyrinth is an ancient symbol found across cultures and across time. It is the perfect way to go travelling when all other travel plans are cancelled! You just put one foot in front of the other and follow the path. It twists and turns in a disconcerting way, but you will… Continue reading Labyrinth Meditation

Separate Together Retreat

Spring is not Cancelled

Sharing today a beautiful Springtime image from artist David Hockney and his reminder that 'they can't cancel the Spring'. Do remember they can’t cancel the spring © David Hockney Indeed, this weekend is the Spring Equinox, where here in the Northern hemisphere, we have even hours of daylight and darkness. I have been marking the… Continue reading Spring is not Cancelled

Separate Together Retreat

Sad and Beautiful, Bitter Sweet

"Never in the history of 'Calm Down' did anybody calm down from being told to calm down" This morning I want to check that no-one is interpreting my suggestion to 'lie down' as an instruction to 'calm down'. Even at the best of times, when I lie down for my daily practice of rest, I… Continue reading Sad and Beautiful, Bitter Sweet

Separate Together Retreat

Only Do This On Days You Want to Feel Better

Today I am sharing a little joke from my teacher, Judith Hanson Lasater. Judith quite literally wrote the book (two of them) about Restorative Yoga. She looks at us all very sternly and gives us this warning - "you should ONLY do this practice on the days you want to feel better". She is referring… Continue reading Only Do This On Days You Want to Feel Better

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Yoga Study Days

An opportunity to immerse yourself in a complete practice of active and restorative asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation. Each yoga day will be structured around a philosophical theme and is aimed at experienced practitioners and teachers. Accommodation is available for anyone that would like to travel from further afield.