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Summer Retreats in Northumberland

We have dates available in May, June and July for weekend or midweek yoga retreats. Whether you're a total beginner or a long term practitioner you are warmly welcome. We provide bespoke high quality, healing and relaxing experiences to help you slow down, breathe deeply, and find contentment in the joy of ‘just being.’ WEEKEND… Continue reading Summer Retreats in Northumberland

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Equinox / Niyama

The Niyama are five habits we should cultivate in order to take care of ourselves. Since 'self-care' has become a rather glib term harnessed by wellness brands to sell their 'stuff', let me just be clear that practicing niyama certainly doesn't involve buying anything and needn't cost you a penny! Integrating Niyama into your practice simply means cultivating good habits, balancing effort with ease and doing your inner work - while remembering the world does not revolve entirely around you!

A Space to Be

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Patanjali's Yoga Sūtra clearly presents yoga as a path of meditation. While contemporary yoga practice is often represented by postures (they are easy to photograph), these eight limbs remind us that yoga is a holistic practice, affecting every aspect of our lives, from the social to the spiritual via the body, breath and mind.